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The project "MULTICULTURALISM: CULTURE AND HERITAGE", is aimed at young students, children between 9 and 12 years, and is related to their experiences, their celebrations, traditions, folklore, legends ... In short, with their culture and heritage. These activities provide opportunities for new expansions in different areas of the curriculum for different age groups.

Sharing friendships and cooperating with other children from other countries can also provide opportunities for cultural understanding, citizenship, and language development within the context of international education.

The exchange of materials through ICT tools (for Skype conferences, chats, emails, forums, Powerpoint, publication of school websites, creation of a photo album and a website, videos, drawings, photos) is very important in This project and will develop social skills, self-confidence, cooperative work, but also individualized learning.

Social inclusion, equal opportunities and ICT as a tool for the transmission of their own values and knowledge will be the key themes of the project.